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Caffiends Writing Community

May. 5th, 2005

02:18 pm - WARNING!!!!

This is just your average friendly warning post!!!!

There is a *NEW* worm going around, specifically to Hotmail accounts. Make sure that if you get anything from a webmaster at AOL, or from other people, it's coming under AOL as a blocked email, and others it says "ok, ok, ok;;; here it is"

This is what happens when you look at in hotmail: It gives you a notice that a virus was found, entitled WORM_SOBER.S


I don't know how many of you still use Juno, but they are notorious for allowing viruses onto your computer. Just giving the heads up!


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Apr. 21st, 2005

08:07 pm - and I join the curruption :p

Well I might as well join to get this party started ^^. A little intro here:
I am a sailormoon fan and yugioh (well more like malik/yami and other psycos fan) so please bare with me lol. If its over rated I am sorry but I still kept it pg13. Ern enjoy I guess ^^;

Title: Moonlight Lake-Song Lyric Story
Rated: PG13
Description: This is about my rpg character in The Momo-ken (Peach Blade) in the Moonfanatsy Board. Its about a 16 year old theif girl name Uresui. She finds herself next to a lake in the night after breaking in a temple. She doesn't know how she gets to the lake. She encounters her other self as she recalls memories of what really happened at the temple and why her other self was hiding it from her. Uresui tries to commit suicide but it ends up her other self saves her.

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Apr. 18th, 2005


Hey all, I figured i'd post a little something here. It's my Sailor Moon fanfic entitled Gem Princesses. For those who don't know about Sailor Moon, that is perfectly fine. In the first 5 parts, the whole Sailor Scout thing is barely mentioned. It is mostly about the main characters' lives before they know they are Sailor Scouts. So please feel free to read and criticize (CONSTRUCTIVELY). I like any kind of feedback if it means I can make my story better. Thank you. And now, for the prologue and Chapter 1 of Gem Princesses. We start with Willow's story!

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and now, I'm going back to bed. *mutters* stupid cold... *shakes fist*

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