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and I join the curruption :p - Caffiends Writing Community

Apr. 21st, 2005

08:07 pm - and I join the curruption :p

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Well I might as well join to get this party started ^^. A little intro here:
I am a sailormoon fan and yugioh (well more like malik/yami and other psycos fan) so please bare with me lol. If its over rated I am sorry but I still kept it pg13. Ern enjoy I guess ^^;

Title: Moonlight Lake-Song Lyric Story
Rated: PG13
Description: This is about my rpg character in The Momo-ken (Peach Blade) in the Moonfanatsy Board. Its about a 16 year old theif girl name Uresui. She finds herself next to a lake in the night after breaking in a temple. She doesn't know how she gets to the lake. She encounters her other self as she recalls memories of what really happened at the temple and why her other self was hiding it from her. Uresui tries to commit suicide but it ends up her other self saves her.

Song: "Aura"-.hack//sign soundrack The world

If you are near to the dark
I will tell you ‘bout the sun

It was a moon night sky on a beautiful lake. Uresui slowly open her eyes as she begins to wake up. She touches her pounding head as she lifts herself up and peers around. She finds herself sitting next to a large rock with her kusarigama beside her. She also notices a gold staff with 3 rubies lying next to her as well. Uresui picks up the staff and recalls, “this staff is from the monks temple? I actually stole it under their noses?” She drops the staff and looks up to find a crystal lake with a full moon’s reflection lying on the water like a silver blanket. Uresui walks to the lake where the moon’s reflection lays rest. She enters the water not caring though she is wearing clothes. Once she found herself in the full moon’s reflection, blood ran from her hands to the reflection.

You are here, no escape
From my visions of the world

Uresui lifts her hand from the water and finds blood stains on her hands. Uresui lays her hands in the water and watches the blood pours to the moonlight bay. Thought the blood was removed one thing puzzled her. She finds her hands were not cut nor bruised. How this could be my blood, she thought. She looks again at the full moon’s reflections. A figure enters the moons’ reflection, a reflection of Uresui herself. Uresui looks at herself. More blood is found all over Uresui’s body and clothes. She felt a shock as she drops herself in the moonlight pool. She tries to wash all the blood off her body and lifts herself back up again. Looking down at he moon and herself again another figure enters the moonlight. To Uresui’s surprise it’s a duplicate of herself standing next to Uresui. This one approaches Uresui’s reflection and gently puts her arms around her neck. She then leans over to lick a small amount of blood off Uresui’s cheek.

You will cry all alone
But it does not mean a thing to me

Uresui quickly tries to shake her off as she wipes off her cheek. She looks around to where the identical one stands. There is no one to be in sight. Ursui looks down at her reflections again. The same identical girl is still there smiling at Uresui. Uresui swallows as she approaches, “who are you?” The identical girl stares at Uresui and replies in a soft voice, “I…am…you…” Uresui takes a couple steps back. She is me, she thought.

Knowing a song I will sing
Till the darkness comes to sleep

The identical one grabs Uresui’s shoulders as she lays her head resting beside her in the reflection of the water. She lifts her head a little and reveals her red eyes, “tell me, did you not enjoyed the kill?” The identical one looks over Uresui’s body, “you are after all covered in their blood.” She lifts her hand to her chin and giggles.

Come to me, I will tell
‘bout the secret of the sun
It’s in you, not in me
But it does not mean a thing to you

Uresui lifts her hand up looking at them as hey shake in fear, “I killed someone?” Uresui looks through the red eyes of the identical one. She can hear the screams and panic people running about rushes in her mind. The people continue to scream, and Uresui couldn’t endure the pain of the people anymore. Uresui kneels down while grabbing her head to stop the pain. Her identical looks to enjoy how much Uresui suffers. A couple of scenes come into mind to Uresui. She remembers the monks running in panic from someone or something. She also remembers the monks calling it a demon. Some monks tried to chant the demon to vanish it as others fled for their lives. Uresui grabs her hair still kneeling in the shallow water. “Stop it,” Uresui whispers to herself. The images keep rushing into her mind more visually as the slaughter continues. “No more,” she said again softly. More visual images rushes in, Uresui remembers another monk stood close to a mirror. Uresui’s eyes open wide to see the image of the demon. The monk points forward shaking at Uresui. There he called her a demon. Uresui looks in the mirror of the image, she find herself holding the kusarigama. Uresui covers her mouth, “no don’t do it, please.” She sees herself lifting the blade of the kusarigama gently in the air and swift it down slaughtered the victim monk. Uresui looks again in the mirror’s reflection. She can see herself with the red eyes of a devil and a rare smirk on her face.

The sun is in your eyes
The sun is in your ears
I hope you see the sun

Uresui opens her eyes and gazes down at her other self, “that wasn’t me,” Uresui points her finger at her identical, “It was you! You killed the monks in the temple!” The identical one giggles insanely. She smirks at Uresui from the moonlight, “but you allowed yourself, that you can not deny.” Uresui stands silent. The identical one leans forward to Uresui’s reflection ears and continues softly, “you allowed yourself for me to control you.” The identical one gently touches Uresui’s head in the water. Uresui jerks back by the pain in her head. She looks again at the reflections. The identical one smiles again, “you should have been more careful.” She moves back from Uresui and laughs hysterically, “the joy to spill more blood. I envy you for allowing me to do such a murder.”

Someday in the darkness

“I didn’t allow you period!” Uresui shouts and punches at the water. Tears flow down Uresui’s cheek to the lake, “I never allowed it.” Another rush of memory comes into mind. Uresui remembers herself sneaking into the temple from the second floor. She can see herself looking down in the main room leaning on the handle bars. She sees two monks spotted her. Uresui lost her balance and fell down to the first floor unconscious. She blacked out there.

The sun is in your eyes
The sun is in your ears
But you can’t see the sun

Uresui feels her head looking down at her other self, “it was when I lost conscious you took over.” Uresui’s other self nods, “now you get it.” Uresui still couldn’t stop crying. She continues to walk deeper into the lake. Her other self notices her reaction, “what are you doing?” Uresui stops as her head is still above the water, “I won’t allow you to live so therefore…” She swallows a breath, “I have no family anymore remember? So no one will miss me. I’m thinking if I die then you will am I right?”

Ever in the darkness

The identical one raises an eyebrow in the pool. She lowers her head and chuckles, “so you’re just going to kill yourself?” Uresui asks, “is that a challenge?” With that said Uresui closes her eyes as she continues forward til her body drops in the middle of the lake. Uresui allows herself to get swallowed up by the lake as she sinks down more. If I die you can’t hurt no one, this is my decision alone, Uresui thought. She let out all the breath in her body she had left and collapse. Her identical’s reflection floats towards Uresui. She put her arms to where Uresui’s arms meet and gently merges together. Uresui eyes open wide. Her eyes immediately turn red. She begins to swim up towards the moon in the sky. She arose from the water and takes a couple deep breaths to fill her lungs again. She begins to swim to shore. Despite being wet she continues to the rock where she first laid. She picks up her kusarigama and the staff. Uresui looks at her hands and the lake. She smirks at the moonlight reflection, “like I said before as long as you’re unconscious I’ll be the one to help you up.” She lifts her finger towards her upper lip, “don’t worry I won’t kill tonight, let’s go home as if this had never had happen.” Uresui turns her back on the lake and disappears in the dark night.

It does not much matter to me

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