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Caffiends Writing Community

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1. USE PROPER GRAMMAR. None of that chatspeak. Spell and grammer check, for chrissakes.

2. NO EROTICA. PLEASE. Smut is okay. However, if your whole purpose was to write porn, and you do, you're getting kicked out. No blow-by-blow description either (well, EXPLICIT blow-by-blow).

3. Fanfiction is accepted. See above about erotica, as I will apply it to slash, shounen/shoujo ai, yaoi, yuri et al. (esp. if you're doing a real person fic. Slash is not good in those.)

4. If you don't anyone stealing your work, just write "COPYRIGHT *insert name and date*" before your entry. Also credit any outside authors (in case of passages, lyrics, et al.).

5. Try to keep this active. Not just writing, but criticize other authors, you know, that sort of thing. Point out the good and the bad.

6. Have fun. (I know, cliched.)